28 - 29 November 2018 Garden Court, Marine Parade Hotel

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The Southern Africa Internet Governance Forum (SAIGF) is the sub-regional IGF convened and facilitated by Southern African Development Community (SADC) . It is supported by SANGONET and other stakeholders. So far 9 out off 15 SADC Members States have established National Internet Governance Forums (NIGFs). The global Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a multi-stakeholder forum for policy, technology and standardisation dialogue on issues of Internet governance. The establishment of the Global IGF was formally announced by the United Nations Secretary-General in July 2006. It was first convened in October–November 2006 and has held an annual meeting since then.

This year the Southern Africa IGF 2018 will be held at Garden Court, Marine Parade Hotel in Durban, South Africa from 28 to 29 November 2018, hosted by the Government of South Africa. All National IGFs ad people interested in Internet Governance are welcome to SAIGF 2018.

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